$1,000 Bi-Weekly Freeroll


$1,000 Bi-Weekly Freeroll – Rules

1. There will be a bi-weekly freeroll tournament with a $1,000 Prize Pool.
2. The qualifying period will be two (2) weeks prior to the freeroll date.
3. The qualifying period ends at 5PM on the day of the freeroll tournament.
4. The first 30 players to accumulate 20 hours played during the qualifying period will qualify for the tournament.
5. There will be no alternates.
6. In the event there is an exact tie for the last spot in total whole hours played for the month, all ties will be allowed into the field.
7. There will be no entry fee into the tournament.
8. Players will not be allowed to buy into the tournament.
9. To qualify for the freeroll, only live hours played will count. Any tournament play hours will not count toward the bi-weekly total.
10. Any player not seated by the end of the first level will forfeit their chips and their spot in the bi-weekly freeroll tournament.
11. Players who qualify for the tournament will begin with 4,000 chips.
12. For every hour played above 20 hours during the qualifying period a player will receive an additional 100 chips. Players may also receive an additional 1,000 chips for an optional $5 dealer add-on and 500 chips for a canned food donation that is not already expired.
13. Blind levels will be 15 minutes long and will proceed as follows: 25-50, 50-100, 100-200, 200-400 (break), 400-800, 600-1200, 1000-2000, 2000-4000 (break), 4000-8000, 6000-12000, 10000-20000, 20000-40000 (break). Blinds will double every 15 minutes following the last posted level.
14. Club Fortune poker room will pay out progressive high hands at the rate of $25 if a player uses both hole cards. The player will also receive 1,000 tournament chips. Aces Cracked and the Bad Beat Jackpot do not qualify.
15. If a player uses only one card in their hand and makes a qualified high hand, the player receives 1,000 tournament chips.